The Idea for releasing a solo album has been with me ever since I started messing around with recording gear tracking tons of stuff on 4-track with our high school metal bands and my own instrumentals with meticulous drum machine programming and endless solos. Well, the latter never changed :) I finally got the courage, time and energy to go for it after Peter Engberg promised to put out my album on his Impossible Music label. I’ve been very lucky and happy to have some of the best players in Finland and in the world play on my album. Music still gives me the best of highs when everything just flows together and takes you to a world of its own. I hope some of that can be felt in listening to Human Being.

1. Ruostetta (Rust) 1998
Recorded with a ’67 Fender Telecaster and ’64 Vox AC30.

2. Birch Gate 2009
Recorded with a ’97 Fender Cunetto Relic Stratocaster and a Swart Atomic Space Tone, slide with a ’62 Fender Jazzmaster and a ’57 Fender Vibrolux, acoustic Bourgeois Ricky Scaggs Country Boy Model

Play “Birch Gate”

3. TW’s Boogie 1997
Recorded with a ’98 Peavey Wolfgang and a Bogner Ecstasy head and Bogner 4×12″ cab

4. Lurjus (The Scoundrel) 1998
Recorded with a ’58 Fender Stratocaster and a ’57 Vibrolux + Swart AST and a Carl Martin Plexitone

5. On My Knees 2007
Recorded with the tree tremolos: Vox, Swart and Vibrolux

6. Sotapolulla (Going To War) 2009
Recorded with the ’67 Tele and the Bogner + Swart, the ’62 Jazzmaster + Vibrolux & Swart and ’68 Strat + Roland Chorus Echo

Play “Sotapolulla”

7. Goodbye 2011
Recorded with Bourgeois Ricky Scaggs Country Boy Model

8. Kellot (The Bells) 1997
Recorded with a ’68 Fender Stratocaster and the Vox

9. Saarna (The Sermon) 1997
Recorded with a Sunset Custom guitars Warmoth frankenstein with a Bill Lawrence pick up and an Original Floyd Rose tremolo and the Bogner

10. Kotimatka (The Way Back Home) 2007
Recorded with the ’68 Strat and an old plexi Marshall

11. Yö kasarmilla (A Night At The Barracks) 1997
Recorded with the ’58 Strat and the Vibrolux + Swart and a Fulltone OCD and a Fuzzface


Tuomas Wäinölä -Guitars
Anssi Nykänen -Drums, Shaker
Lauri Porra -Bass
Matti Paatelma -Grand Piano
Mikko Mäkinen -Hammond A100 on track 2, Moog Liberation & Solina on track 6
Tero Pennanen -Hammond B3 on track 3
Tero Lindberg -Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Janne Toivonen -Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Antti Rissanen -Trombone & Baritone horn
Heikki Pohto -Tenor, Alto & Baritone Saxophones
Abdissa “Mamba” Assefa -Djembe, Conga & Bongo drums
Pekka Kuorikoski -Violin
Harri Rantanen -Blues Harp
Peter Engberg -Bouzouki & Mandolin
Sakari Salli -Doepfer Dark Energy
Arttu Takalo -Vibraphone & Xylophone

Mixed by Juha Heininen at Hip Studios

Mastered by Pauli Saastamoinen at Finnvox